Had an interesting day in Naga. Came home from work and decided to mine a little bit. Warped to belt... an NPC pirate was there waiting for me to target. I locked the bastard, sent over my drones and BOOM, sucker pointed me and started hitting hard.

I called out to corp mates in a nearby system to see if anyone had anything that could deal a punch on this guy. My drones ate up his shield, but couldn't break the armor. Finally someone came out and distracted the pirate as I burned away out of lock range for his warp distruptor. I broke lock, warped to the citadel and my corp made was able to break the chains and get away with just 10% armor left on his ship. OP SUCCESS!

I threw 30 mil at him for the effort.

So this pirate kept spawning at all the asteroid belts I was visiting so I ran to deployment, grabbed my ANI and blapped him. Got a 25mil module and another 2 million in bounty, which about pays for my reward to save my ship. Yeah I'm even, but I'm not in the red. It's a good day and learned what NOT to do in our new space.

Fly Safe