OSH Day One

So it's my first full day in WI. We set out to the event this morning to set up our booth. The weather was fantastic. In fact as I write this post at 4PM CDT it is only 70F outside. Can't beat that.

Pretty active weather pattern today. It was clear and fairly warm and windy this morning and then thunderstorm development later in the afternoon. Had it not been for the wind and later rain, I would have been a hot mess. Here is the current radar image out of Green Bay.

We are staying in Appleton, WI which is a 40 minute drive to the event. Tomorrow will be interesting to see if we have any traffic to deal with. People are everywhere but it's nice that we are staying away from the main event as we can get dinner within a reasonable time frame without too much waiting. Last night a coworker took us to the Black Otter Supper Club in Hortonville, WI. This was a very casual place with people wall to wall (a sign the food is good). We had about an hour wait but access to a bar with reading glasses apparently (see left).  The food was great, company better, and we managed to stay composed despite the long wait next to the bar. Must be a sign of age... for me anyway. 

Here is a map of our commute every day.

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We spent only 1/2 the day working the event today setting up our two booths. Both of them are in close proximity to each other so we can check on everyone as the day unfolds. Once we were done we headed back to Appleton to eat at a local brew pub. Burgers, beer and cheese curds were had. On the menu tonight... we dine at the lake.

We are back out at the event tomorrow early. Check back for move pictures. Be sure to follow me on my personal Twitter account for frequent updates.

Thanks for checking in!


No words.. just gaze at the awesome that is happening for the East in the coming week.

TD Two, Wisconsin and Low Pressure


So where are we with our potential named storm brewing in the Atlantic?

No change.. still pushing west.. not expected to strengthen. Very anticlimactic.


I'm going on a trip next week and am very excited about it.

I will be showing pilots our product at work and taking in the sights. On my off time I plan to take pictures  and post them to this blog as I have time so stay tuned for that.

Low Pressure

The first things I thought about Wisconsin in the summer time is:

I decided to squint and look up the weather for the week I will be there and I was pleasantly surprised!!!

Below average temperature... below average sweating.. below average mosquitoes? Probably not the last one.

Check back in.. it should get interesting over the next week.