Iceland.. what's next.

Well it appears Iceland was the only landmass affected by Cristobal.

Heavy precip on the south side of the island along with gale force winds.

That system is still pretty wound up but I'm sure the temperature is much different as it pulls down that crisp Arctic air.

With earthquakes, extra-tropical cyclones, I bet there is not much this country is afraid of. The above image is earthquakes over the last 48 hours... right in the vicinity of the volcano that about to erupt. They probably are laughing at the storm now that I think about it.

Next up in the tropics...

This system is currently interacting with the Yucatan peninsula and has a few tracks in the forecast.

Increased development over the next 5 days, once it gets over the warm waters of the gulf. The more time it's over the water, the bigger this will become so it's track means everything at this point.

Stay tuned.

Post Tropical Cristobal

He's well outside the tropics and still showing good organization. Cristobal on the right, Marie on the left.

There is an area of interest that popped up in the Caribbean that has a 10% chance to develop over the next 48 hours.

This system is expected to cross the Yucatan peninsula on Sunday and into the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico where gradual development is possible. Those with assets on the gulf coast in Texas should keep an eye on this system.

The remnants of Cristobal look to slam into Iceland early Sunday morning with winds that classify it as a strong category 1 hurricane. It will be interesting to see what effects it has on the land there. They already have enough trouble with flight grounded due to volcanic activity as of late.

Stay Tuned.


Cristobal/Marie Update

Latest rainbow top look at Cristobal, this is probably as close to a hurricane it's going to look at it gets ripped apart by an approaching frontal system and colder waters.

No other developments at this point in the Atlantic that we haven't discussed with no changes.

Meanwhile, in the Pacific.....

Marie continues to fizzle out and give the media in SoCal something to chew on.

Stay tuned.