WTHub Bub

So I was perusing the inter-tubes and decided to check up on my domain which I just renewed for another year. Yep, it's still here. I looked at my last post, determined it was about a winter system and then scrolled down to the date.... NOVEMBER?!

If I had any followers (which I have very few) I would have certainly lost most of them by now.

Sorry for the delay in getting any content to the site but I have shifted my available free time to other ventures for a little. I figured I would at least pop in a message and tell you that I am still alive, looking to the sky every moment I have and always think to post an article about some of the fun weather we are having in NOVA.

My son and I went and had some Chinese food by a window, looking out across a sea of parked cars and gloomy skies. A bit too descriptive... but the mood none-the-less.

Today is cloudy, mild, breezy and more or less a transitional day between systems. It rained yesterday, it's going to be gorgeous tomorrow and yet we are knocking on the door of spring, and unfortunately some of the most violent weather of the year for the U.S. in the Midwest and South East.

So hopefully I can find something interesting once again to tantalize your senses a bit. Or perhaps this will be the last post until October sometime. If you happen to follow and catch this one, thank you for hanging in there.

Cold Pour

Since winter is on everyone's mind I thought I would loop the last 24 hours to show you the slow grip the icy north is having on the country. Even the sun can do little now to fight it back.

Bundle UP!


Polar Vortex?

What's with all the media attention lately about a polar vortex? Interestingly enough it seems to be something that has never existed since the last few years. This is far from true. The polar vortex is always there; a persistent, large cyclone filled with cold air that exists at the poles and occasionally dips into the lower 48. Canada laughs whenever we call it out, because they are usually under it for much of the winter.

With that said, yes, cold air will dip into the U.S. this coming week, and it will be just that, cold air associated with an air mass that will dip down from our cold neighbor and associated polar vortex.

Loop of 7AM EST temperatures through Sunday 11/16

The only thing that causes this cold polar air to become an anomaly is its timing and persistence over the lower 48. In this case, much of the eastern U.S. will have below normal temperatures.

Much of this pattern is caused by a strong storm in the Bering Sea that pumped up a ridge in the West. Whenever the west has a ridge, it allows for systems (and cold air) to come plunging into the eastern U.S.. A very typical pattern for the winter.

The Climate Prediction Center reduced the chance of El Niño to 58% although the three month precipitation outlook for the U.S. looks to be under the influence of a standard El Niño pattern.

Time to bundle up. The family and I will be heading to WI for Thanksgiving, hopefully they get this cold out of the way before we get there.