Yard Work

Spent some time with the family working in the yard. This may not seem much of a big deal for some, but we have lived in an apartment for over a year, taking the dogs to the elevator, walking by all the landscaping that someone else pays for.

I'm not the biggest fan of yard work BUT it's nice to see what you can accomplish and our yard is better for it (well not technically OUR yard).

It was a beautiful day today... a little hot, but a nice breeze AND not a lot of moisture.

Plenty of moisture in the SW and southern plains, but we are somewhat dry the last couple of days. Fair weather cumulus and a nice breeze.

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday.


Cool Graphic Showing Rain For The Next 10 Days

I could watch this for hours. Well not really hours, but it is cool to see where all the rain gets dumped in the summer. Bermuda high is parked in the Atlantic and a ridge is blocking systems from the west. Up and over the top they go!