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Cindy row your boat ashore


Not a major storm by any other means, but a storm. Looking forward to see how the Atlantic hurricane season behaves this year.

The rest of the tropics are currently quiet.

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Oh hai Cindy

I'm obviously not paying attention this season. We're up to Cindy and I'm none the wiser.

Looks like just a TS, but a tropical system none-the-less. It appears the system prior that I pointed out was named Bret at one point, but is classified as remnants.

I'm looking forward to an active season this year and hopefully one with landfall near us. I know death and destruction is a horrible thing to look forward to, and I always wish the best outcome for any storm.. but I want to experience one first hand. Maybe someday that will happen.

Living most my life on the west coast excludes you from these things. I have yet to see a tornado (that hit the ground) and I've been through a tropical storm in Arizona in 1997. But a full scale CAT 5 hurricane would be quite the adventure. Maybe some day.

Stay tuned for more things with stuff.


Summer and things

Summer is here.

Currently 92F and some disastrous percentage of relative humidity. The community pool is finally warm enough to jump right in and the urine levels are high.

I was taking a gander at the NWS site and noticed we have things brewing in the tropics once again. Looks like I missed the first one. Here is #2 possible hurricane for the season.

I'll try and update the blog more. My wife is getting into it more so this may motivate me to stick with it more often.


OK Go Video

So the OK Go video where they are weightless in a plane?

I never could of imagined they did it in Russia.

Hi Res Satellite Fun

So technology is cool. For many years we have been watching satellite feeds show us approaching weather, spoils of the universe and possible sightings of MH 370. However, can you spot the solar farms in this animated gif (pronounced GIF)?

The detail is pretty amazing. You can also see that fog starting to get ready for June gloom.


Where has all the time gone?

Not into this blog :)

I am growing some interest in picking this back up. It's been a while since I've had to write anything of substance for a while and I feel the need to either sharpen my skills, or get words out... or both.

Same theme... weather sprinkled with real life and a dash of nerd.

I missed a lot of nasty spring weather so far. This system spawned tornadoes, late spring snow and unfortunately 13 died in floods or sever storms.

Yard Work

Spent some time with the family working in the yard. This may not seem much of a big deal for some, but we have lived in an apartment for over a year, taking the dogs to the elevator, walking by all the landscaping that someone else pays for.

I'm not the biggest fan of yard work BUT it's nice to see what you can accomplish and our yard is better for it (well not technically OUR yard).

It was a beautiful day today... a little hot, but a nice breeze AND not a lot of moisture.

Plenty of moisture in the SW and southern plains, but we are somewhat dry the last couple of days. Fair weather cumulus and a nice breeze.

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday.