I was beginning to write out how cool the storms were that passed through last night and that I hadn't gotten any shots of the lightning... and then I remembered I recorded a quick video while out walking the dogs last night. All Android devices (if enabled) will auto backup your pictures and video. The only problem is Google + does not allow a share link to the video. So I had to download the video, and then upload it to YouTube so I could embed on the website. What a pain.

It was a really good light show last night. There was another cell that rolled through after we had retired.

So when do we get to see some action next? It looks like we will have a quick sweep of some rain coming through tomorrow afternoon. Don't blink.

At least it's something. Stay tuned!

Rain in the NE

Rain is starting to invade the NE.

This should continue through the night. Enjoy it!


FXM Promo

For those of you who watch FXM because you can't afford premium channels.. like myself... you may have seen the FX Movie advertisements that cycle through the movies that they are playing for the month. I've always loved the song... well I found it about a month ago. Enjoy.. if it's your thing.