Cool Graphic Showing Rain For The Next 10 Days

I could watch this for hours. Well not really hours, but it is cool to see where all the rain gets dumped in the summer. Bermuda high is parked in the Atlantic and a ridge is blocking systems from the west. Up and over the top they go!




I have been looking at the forecast for a week for this system that is approaching.

It looks like a wet Saturday is in the forecast. Should cool things down in the NE and allow for a little break in the temperature this weekend. This has been quite a warm summer thus far.

There is currently no activity in the tropics. With El Nino in full swing, the Atlantic hurricane threat is reduced. The Eastern Pacific got off to a good start.. but is quiet for the time being.

So I'm giving Hootsuite a try again. It is a social media ninja app. You can tie in all of your social networks, load your streams, perform live searches for hashtags and schedule your posts across multiple platforms. So when you are sitting there for 30 minutes, you can schedule throughout the day and walk away. This way you don't flood people with posts and maximize your exposure.

If you are really into social media, I would give it a whirl. Of course you can use Tweetdeck but I consider them to be different animals. Prepare for information overload.

That's all the energy I can muster up for this evening. Enjoy your weekend!


TS Bill

Well the NHC has finally named the disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico.


I can't get over the name. Let's take a look at em.

This system is going to dump a lot of rain in TX. Not only will it dump rain in TX, but it will swing around the high parked on the eastern seaboard and dump rain through the Midwest up through the Ohio valley and up through the NE.

Time to batten down the hatches!

And now a view from the hurricane hunter that checked out the storm tonight before the advisory.